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Women’s Web – Women’s Stories, Women’s Actions
is a secular feminist website established to give women a medium to promote the women's movement, and to document the lives and actions of social justice and environmental activists from Victoria, Australia.

We promote women’s freedom to make decisions for ourselves about issues that concern us, and to decide which issues concern us.


- By women we mean women in general, not qualified by any inclusions or exclusions.

- By feminist we mean those who hold and act on the principles of equality, freedom and fairness, particularly but not only for women, e.g. the inalienable right to have control over our bodies.

- By anti-feminist we mean those who undermine the autonomy and free agency of women to think and act for themselves, e.g. people who call themselves ‘pro life’ and at the same time ‘feminist’ are, in such behaviour, enemies of feminism.

- Feminist not Patriarchal
- Supporting change not the status quo (usually)
- Sharing not imposition
- Free not renumerated
- Liberating not controlling
- Equality not hierarchy (usually)
- Politicised not party political
- Conservative not reactionary
- Radical, revolutionary not adherance to a rigid ideology
- Human rights protection, but not at the expense of others' human rights
- Supportive not entrenching victimisation
- Social justice not charity alone
- Social security not welfare as in handouts alone
- Decriminalization not legalisation (usually)
- Thoughtful and considered not spontaneous (as in disaster response)
- Caring not using (usually)
- Decriminalisation not legalisation (usually)
- Primary - in itself - not for something else, e.g. religious
- Opposing ideas not opposing individuals
- From an attitude of love not from an attitude of hate.
Women's Web Inc was incorporated in 2004. We received seeding funding from the City of Darebin and have since received monies from the Victorian Women's Trust and the City of Yarra.

Geraldine Robertson
Telephone: (03) 9486 1808